∆∆∆˚˚˚introducing a few objects˚˚˚∆∆∆

This section is under construction.  There are many creations that have yet to be documented.  Pictures and videos to come!!!

I've been circuit bending for a few years and i am a bender for music sake. I have a tradition of creating cool new musical sound machines, taking them out on tour and almost always breaking them.   For a long time i didn't think to document what i was up to, and even still i don't really have a good camera. It's 2012 and I'm slowly getting around to it.   There are a few corpses lying around and some pictures below.  I am tough on my creations... the longer i live the stronger they get.  (also the more intricate)  

                            Kayla 5000 

                                         Coleco Glitch Machine


Inner talky machine

                                           devastation distortmusiion one

 D.I.Y. music box piezo amplification

amplified bowed bike wheel mechanism

bike wheel orchestra

electric canjo

tour mascot sock buddy

beast with hand for a head